Other Stories of Transformation

Some stories about transformations may not come from myths or faery tales. We have posted some of these here. They include, but are not limited to, stories about resurrection, reincarnation, dreams, and healing.

YOSHITOSHI, Tsukioka [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Painting of a Priest Transforming into a Rat


The Punishment of Lust

“The Punishment of Lust” is a fictional interpretation of Giovanni Segantini’s painting of the same name. (See also a nonfiction interpretation under Reviews)

by Charlotte Dovey

Shirking Camus

“Shirking Camus” is a short story about what happens when a teenaged boy fails to appreciate life.

by Charlotte Dovey

The Good Mother

“The Good Mother” is a fictional interpretation of the painting “The Evil Mothers.” See also my analysis of this painting under Reviews.

by Charlotte Dovey